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January 15th 2013

"I have great enthusiasm in recommending Keith. His dedication, understanding and ability to provide therapy and healing is unsurpassed. He is clearly a 'people person' and is a brilliant communicator.
He also listens intently and understands the hidden messages others give whilst giving time and space for others to express fully. This makes him a wise and thoughtful therapist and friend and anyone that is lucky enough to spend time with Keith will appreciate his innate ability to confidently and sympathetically take them into a positive relaxed state with access to a whole host of resources at his disposal."  
Jennie Kitching
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All testimonials posted on this page are posted with the kind permission of the client, or where appropriate, the parent/guardian of the client


"Having recently miscarried, I was feeling very down. I had already been feeling low for some time anyway but had never really addressed it. The miscarriage prompted me to do something about the way I had been feeling.

I contacted Keith and the first time I met him I felt extremely comfortable, and I knew I could trust him. During the sessions we dealt with many issues. This has allowed me to move forward greatly in my life.

I also recognise that as a mother, the time out to relax in such a deep way is very important. I feel that during the sessions, I have been able to resolve issues which go way back, and I can honestly say that I have never before experienced such deep relaxation.

Today I feel I can conquer the world, I can make my own decisions, and deal with whatever comes in a calm way. xx
Adele Sale


"I was feeling low and socially awkward. I really enjoyed the sessions I had with Keith and the deep relaxation I experienced. Today I feel so much more confident in myself and much less anxious. I also worry much less now than I did before. Thank you Keith"


"I went to see Keith about my driving confidence. Generally as a person, I was anxious and a bit of a worrier about things. Also, from past experiences, I felt I had bottled things up and felt unable to talk about things. Now I can express myself in a calm and rational manner, and I have been able to get things off my chest. I now feel more calm and relaxed as a person, and I have definitely gained the confidence I needed to speak up and be myself". 
Georgia Yates


"I was struggling to get a full nights sleep, so I went to see Keith for some hypnotherapy. We very quickly realised that there were underlying issues that needed to be dealt with. Today, after only 3 sessions, not only has my sleep improved, my outlook and feelings of self worth have improved too. I am also  much more positive now. The entire experience has been relaxing and positive and I looked forward to sessions."

"I came to see Keith with a particular issue. I needed to address it but was unsure as to how, or if hypnotherapy was going to work. 

At first I felt uncomfortable discussing things, but Keith very quickly made me feel at ease, and I felt I could trust him. I was surprised at how relaxing the hypnosis was, and how relaxed I felt afterwards. I was also surprised at how, as things unravelled during the process, the things I'd either forgotten or taken for granted became relevant to how I used to feel before the hypnotherapy. 

I began to notice changes in myself almost from the word go. Today I feel more positive, open minded, and 'chilled out'  and more importantly, I feel I am back in control"
Hypnotherapy &  Reiki

“I found Keith by searching for local hypnotherapists who were on the General Hypnotherapy Register. I visited him for anxiety related to public speaking and motorway driving. Keith suggested that a general anxiety and confidence treatment may be beneficial to me. I have experienced a vast improvement in my symptoms (no longer avoiding driving and feeling calmer about public speaking). I have also had a Reiki session which was recommended by my husband (following his treatment with Keith), which was an amazing experience. We are planning to book the Reiki Level 1 weekend with Keith as it was such a calming, relaxing and powerful treatment. I can't recommend Keith highly enough”
Wendy Knight

“ Before I came to see Keith I was at the end of my tether. I was feeling anxious and at times I didn’t want to leave the house. Keith immediately made me feel at ease and relaxed. The whole experience was relaxing and after each session I began to notice changes as I became more and more calm and confident. Today after only a few sessions I have my independence and freedom back. 
Thank you Keith xx”

"I first came to see Keith around March last year as I was not sleeping well or able to relax properly  due to being stressed out with a busy work schedule. Following a course of deeply relaxing hypnotherapy my sleep improved no end and I felt much calmer and able to process day-to-day things. Because of these great results I have continued to see Keith for relaxation hypnotherapy (and also Reiki). I would have no hesitation at all in recommended Keith – he immediately puts you at ease, actively listens to your problems and ensures that the treatment is 100% tailored to your needs. Thank you." 
M.N. Astwood Bank


"When I came to see Keith just before Christmas, I felt I was continually in a heightened state of anxiety. Keith was very reassuring, and the environment was extremely comfortable. I found the entire experience a deeply relaxing one, and today I feel so much more relaxed and able to cope with things. My sleep has also improved greatly too. The whole experience has been a completely positive one. Thank you Keith xx"
Rachel Lengden


“I used to become angry and frustrated with things, and this is why I came to see Keith. I found the whole experience very relaxing and comfortable in a warm and calm environment. Today I feel a lot calmer in all aspects and I am now ready to move forward. Thank you Keith xx"

“When I first came to see keith I was beside myself with grief. During the process, keith has helped me on my journey to let go. He is a very warm and welcoming man and his style has helped me to relax and get the best from the process.The experience has been fantastic and today I am starting to live my life again as I have let go of the grief I came with. I now feel more in control and can see things much more clearly now. I would recommend it to anyone to come with an open mind and give it a go. I have reconnected with myself"

“When I walked into Keith’s therapy room, I was in such a dark place that I didn’t see any future. Today I feel like a completely different person, and that is amazing to me. I now have an ability to deal with, and cope with issues in a calm and relaxed way. The only word I can use is ‘AWESOME’. Thanks Keith XX. And if anyone wants to contact me directly regarding this testimonial then please call me; Lisa, on 07824 632599”
Lisa Metcalf

Hypnotherapy - Alcohol and Abuse

​"After burying my problems for years instead of dealing with them, I knew I needed to make some changes. I was in an abusive situation 13 years ago, and had never been able to let it go and realise that I had fully escaped. I would regularly hide behind alcohol to try to escape from memories. Keith started by working with me in dealing with the memories from abuse, and my thoughts around some of the injuries that were sustained and still affecting my life now. Over a course of hypnotherapy, I eventually felt comfortable enough to open up fully and for the first time ever, tell someone what happened. I gradually started to realise, and slowly accept, that it wasn't my fault, it was the situation I was in at the time. Keith then went on to help me significantly cut down drinking. I had drunk my way through the last 13 years, regularly in excess of 50 units per week. In the last 7 weeks, I've had 3 glasses of red wine and 1 cocktail. All of these were for pleasure, rather than running away from something I hadn't dealt with."
Reiki Training

"What a stunning workshop. Taught in an informal yet informative way, I learnt so much about the treatment that I use regularly. A very special and emotional moment for me was when I realised after the final attunement that for the first time ever, I felt totally at peace with myself."
Suzanne Baylis

Reiki Training

Keith, thank you so much for a fab weekend. I feel very blessed for having been taught Reiki by you and meeting the girls. I felt so at ease and you made the whole experience so beautiful. Thank you again. Lena x

Just want, and need to say a massive thank you, for such an informative enjoyable weekend, doing my Reiki level 1 with you. You're a fab teacher! Xxx
Naomi Law


"After a health scare, I decided that it was time to take control of my future.. I had lost confidence in myself and my ability to control my life. I also felt that I was left to support myself, and medication seemed to be causing more difficulties than it was worth. I needed to believe in myself again. Keith was recommended to me, and I went to see him. Today I am confident that I can face the future, and I now have my life back"
Brenda Cooper

"I met Keith nine months ago for my first experience of Reiki. I was so impressed with the treatment and Keith's calm and relaxing tones, that I have been going back to see him on a monthly basis. Keith is a fantastic practitioner and as I walk into the treatment room, I know I can have an hour of pure relaxation. Reiki recharges my batteries, and removes blockages in my energy flow. Any negativity I had when I walk in, is gone by the time I leave. Reiki is a fabulous treatment that I thoroughly enjoy. I can highly recommend it. I can't believe it's taken me 14 years to discover this treatment and Keith." 
Debbie Fisher


“I found it so difficult to let go of emotions relating to the past. I went to see Keith at Nu-Balance Therapies and he helped me from the word go. This has been an amazing experience with huge transformation in such a short time. Each session has been totally relaxing, and today I feel and look like a new person, and I am now fully in control of my life. I only wish I had found Keith a long time ago. I will miss my sessions. ”  
Lynn Court

“I came to see Keith for my blood pressure, and help with my cholesterol, and I can only say that the experience for me was one of complete total relaxation, in a safe environment. My blood pressure is now normal, and my nurse has said that she doesn’t need to check my blood pressure. I am also feeling much calmer in stressful situations”  

“Since having hypnotherapy, I feel more confident and have a much more positive outlook, not just about my exam nerves, but in all aspects of my life. I feel so much calmer and I am able to calm others in stressful situations. My life has changed so much, but most of all – I am actually looking forward to my exams”

"I didn’t know what Reiki was.  I do now.  Wow, what can I say? Keith is fantastic, and right from the start, he put me completely at ease.  Reiki with Keith has helped me tremendously, and I would recommend it to anyone. Whether you have physical pain, emotional pain, or just want to find the time to relax for yourself then please try it.  It is non-intrusive, and I believe it is a treatment that should be tried by everyone, because believe me, it helps and works." Thank you Keith xx

Janine Bishop

“I came with the weight of the world on my shoulders and I felt I couldn’t break out of the cycle I was in.  I had been to the doctors previously and had been diagnosed with depression and prescribed medication, however I knew there was an alternative somewhere. I came across Keith’s website through Facebook and decided to take action. I knew as soon as I spoke to Keith that he could help. Today, three sessions later, my treatment is over and I have never felt better. I am happy and more confident than I have been for a long time. Thank You Keith x”

Equine Reiki 

"Since the Reiki, Blue is so much more relaxed and like she used to be. She is no longer fretful and is so much more comfortable being in the stable. I am now able to ride her out more, and the anticipated Laminitis, which is why I requested the Reiki in the first place, never materialised. Also, the bond between Blue and myself is stronger than ever before. Thank you so much! "
Nicky Mushen


"I first started using Reiki for pain relief from ongoing health conditions. I hadn't tried Reiki before, so before any treatment at all, Keith gave me a thorough consultation and explained fully what was involved. Now, several treatments in, it has helped me on so many levels, and not only has the Reiki been giving me pain relief, but also that little bit of "me time". Is one of the few times in the week that my phone is turned off and I get to completely relax. Worth it's weight in gold"


"The process has transformed my mind from negative to positive, and I have really enjoyed the experience. I am back to normal now and my worries have gone, Thank you"


“I came to see Keith as I was unhappy with my weight and was struggling to constantly lose any weight. After some initial hypnotherapy that dealt with other issues, I had a Hypno Gastric Band and it has really shown some significant weight loss in only a matter of a few weeks. I now eat three healthy meals a day, whereas before I only ate one. I no longer fill up on high calorie snacks like chocolate and I drink plenty of water, which I never did before. The Hypno Band has helped me cut down on over-eating and I now realise when I am full. I now enjoy eating instead of dreading it”


" I have enjoyed each session, and particularly the deep relaxation of the trance. I am feeling much more positive and confident which I know will help me in life and the decisions I make"

Lotus Flower - Healing and Spiritual awakening

" I have felt very positive following my sessions, the sense of well-being and relaxation is amazing. I am also more aware of what i need to do to succeed over the next 12 to 18 months - thank you"

"Keith has Changed my life - he has helped me to change my physical and mental outlook and wellbeing, and he has taught me to love myself - thank you so much Keith for all of your help"
Ruth Haynes


Please see the following link for a full testimonial by Gem Fay

Gem Fay


"I have been seeing Keith for help with bereavement, self esteem and procrastination.  The results have been amazing. He has brought me from emotional pain to enlightenment. Helped guide me past blocks that have been holding me down that have prevented me from accessing my full potential. Keith has the gifted talent of listening, finds what is hiding in the subconscious and helps you move through. 
He is very understanding, patient and makes you feel very comfortable. Those feelings that I had which held me back have been resolved with his help to make me the happy confident person I wanted to be."   
                                                                                             Maria Struthers 
Lotus Flower - Healing and Spiritual awakening

"Keith has helped me to change everything, and fulfill everything I intended and needed to do. Keith has provided me with the tools and assistance to make the positive changes in my life, and today I feel like I can 'live again' rather than just exist. Thank you so much !" 
Lotus Flower - Healing and Spiritual awakening
Hypnotherapy & Reiki

"I have had Hypnotherapy and a Reiki session with Keith for a number of different things. I felt like a changed woman after and its soooo relaxing ! xx"
Tracey Gerrard
Lotus Flower - Healing and Spiritual awakening

"........he put my mind at rest from the word go. The energy in the room was calm and relaxed as we went through a health questionnaire, I felt really at ease....

Keith put his hands first on my head.... The heat was amazing and I saw the most beautiful purple colours when I had my eyes closed............
The best bit for me was the work that Keith did on my back...........I have back problems and the heat that travelled down my legs from the lumbar region of my back was incredible......... 

Have I benefited from it ? I'm calmer, feel fresher than when I went in... I can still feel the heat in my lower back despite the session ending 1/2 hr ago........... I feel free-er in my back and the muscles aren't anywhere near as tense. I feel it was really beneficial and certainly will be going back for more .........

What a brilliant experience. - thank you Keith for your help today x really professional with big benefits xxx"

Please note that Helen's experience is unique to Helen, and the 'heat' referred to is just one of a number of sensations which may be experienced by the recipient during a Reiki treatment.

 Healing and Spiritual awakening

"My flight to Australia and back went absolutely fine - thank you so much!"

 Healing and Spiritual awakening

"Very professional approach - made to feel at ease and comfortable with the whole process. A relaxing experience that has already shown a positive result".
Lotus flower - healing and spiritual awakening

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