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What is Hypnotherapy ?
Hypnotherapy is the process of making lasting and positive changes to attitudes, habits, behaviours, and beliefs, by accessing and reprogramming the unconscious mind using hypnosis.

What is Hypnosis ?
The word 'Hypnosis' ( from the Greek hypnos 'sleep' ) is an abbreviation of James Braid's (1843) term 'neuro-hypnotism' meaning 'sleep of the nervous system' and can be defined as 'A Relaxed Focussed state of Concentration' 
Hypnosis and RelaxationDuring a course of Hypnotherapy, the practitioner will induce the client into a deep state of relaxation. This will create the conditions by which the unconscious (also known as the subconscious) mind becomes highly receptive to new and positive ideas, perspectives and patterns of behaviour.  
Our unconscious mind is extremely powerful, and is thought to process hundreds of thousands of pieces of information at any given time, whilst storing over four hundred million pieces of information relating to our memories, beliefs and behavioural habits.
Our unconscious mind is responsible for our day to day well-being by taking care of the things that we don't consciously have to think about; these are our automatic responses like blood circulation, breathing and digestion for example. It does however, also store all the responses and behaviours that we have learned since we were born, (It is believed that we are born with only two fears; the fear of loud noise, and the fear of falling, everything else is learned).These behaviours can be positive ones including walking, driving, or riding a bicycle. Again these are things that we don't have to think about consciously, to the extent that sometimes we may travel on a regular journey, and find that we don't remember driving past a certain junction, or a certain set of traffic lights.
Some of the stored learned responses and behaviours can be problematic and less resourceful however, and Hypnotherapy can be highly effective thanks to the power of the unconscious mind, and its receptivity to new ideas and perspectives.
The good news is that these less resourceful and problematic attitudes, habits and behaviours can be changed. This is done by accessing the unconscious mind and re-programming it using hypnosis. It is this process, sometimes combined with with other appropriate therapeutic techniques and strategies that is referred to as 'Hypnotherapy'.
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