Welcome to The Nu-Balance Therapies Blog!
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Welcome to The Nu-Balance Therapies Blog!

Welcome to the Nu-Balance Therapies Blog!
Frome time to time I will be posting changes to the Nu-Balance Therapies website, special offers or promotions, relevant news and information, and key dates for the diary.
Well that’s my bit out of the way!
Now over to you!  Please feel free to use this blog to post feedback, share news and information, ask any questions, or engage in any discussions.
Now back to my bit again!   Dare I mention the word…..you know the word…..the ‘C’ word…….Christmas….(Aw..now I’ve gone and said it).. Sorry, but it isn’t all that far away now. Yes, its coming up to that time of year when most of us go through a period of indulgence, closely followed by a period when we wished we hadn’t quite indulged so much, closely followed by a vow never to indulge again…ever! (New Year).  Unfortunately, a few days into the new year (ok….let’s say a week at the most), we suffer from indulgence amnesia (no..i don’t mean we forget to indulge…I mean we forget that we vowed never to indulge again).  
Remember, if you do make New Years Resolutions, make them realistic and achievable or you could be setting yourself up to fail. (‘I will run three Marathons before the middle of January in order to get myself fit’ definitely falls into the ‘unrealistic’ category, and can be detrimental to your health and wellbeing). Achieve your goals by taking small steps…..congratulate yourself along the way, and build on your successes. You can achieve anything you put your mind to. Sometimes however we need support and encouragement along the way, and I will be posting special offers at the beginning of December to assist with those New Years Resolutions.
Lets get the nation Healthy!
Big Happy Smiley face!
Health and Happiness Always!
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